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This is not a computer generated image. This is a very real image of the path of the sun taken over a ultra-long exposure time (see below) with a special made camera. This is your chance to purchase a unique limited edition solorgraphic photo print and from my experience a definite conversation piece.

Image will be printed directly onto high quality photographic paper, or Aluminium metal based print. Prints look amazing! Metal Prints have to be see to be believed. These are printed directly onto aluminium and are then imported to this country. Because the image is infused into the actual surface of the aluminium the images take on an ethereal glow with uplifting vibrant colours and breathtaking luminescence.

Note the image above shows the natural film border e.g. black color where the image was professionally scanned. If you prefer to have a borderless print then please just ask. This purely depends upon how you wish to display the image.

Title: Light House
Size: 12x5 (Note: sizes can vary slightly due to actual photographic method but please feel free to request any other sizes)
This image was taken over a period of 7 days in total.

What is a solargraph?
A solargraph is an image of the path of the sun recorded, an artistic representation that gives some truly awe inspiring images. These images are exposed over a long period of time usually from 1 day up to approxomately 6 months or beyond! So what you actually see is a real image, NOT computer generated in any way, marked by the passage of the sun over a long time period. The sheer beauty and uniqueness of this image makes in unmissable and a great conversation piece.

A pure form of photography
No lens, pinhole camera and the grace of nature can make this one of the purest forms of photography and like a snowflake no two images are the same.
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Transmission solargraphic image

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